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My mom reads this blog.

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I hope she doesn’t write me out of her will for this.


I am fawnd of this

Introductions as Promised

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Since people have been asking about the picture on the left, I thought I ought to introduce Caitlin that’s coblogging here with me on this project, for those of you reading this that don’t already know her. I think most people reading this are aware of my history, so I won’t mention that, but briefly, Caitlin’s background professionally is first in theatre, having worked extensively in opera costuming. She’s a creative and gifted artist and toymaker, and provides a lot of the technical skills we need on our projects as she’s also a welder.


I met Caitlin in 1994 when we were both working at Stainless Studios (I painted the portrait above not long afterwards) — I worked in the back of the shop as a jeweler and she worked at the front. She’d actually been working there a bit longer than me and I started the job with a crush on her. For the next few years I was kind of like a cat bringing her dead animals, except in our case it was various items of custom jewelry. We also worked together with Tom Brazda developing new piercings and piercing technologies and she’s credited with naming two types of piercing. She helped on BME from its inception in various capacities (and was BME’s first employee), and was later involved in the start of BME’s community site, initiating and hosting all of the first events.

We started dating in the late 90’s and spent much of our time fantasizing about building a homestead — we had stacks of paper covered in drawings of Quonset huts, domes, and earthships, and looking through the latest Dignam catalog (she’s who introduced me to them) wondering where we’d end up. For a variety of reasons, some good, some bad, we spent some time apart, and now for many of the same reasons, we’ve ended up on our original course again and are in the process of following those dreams, too long put aside, on a beautiful homestead on Cape Breton Island’s Mira River, which along with documenting our art is the main purpose of this particular blog.

Anyway… If you see posts from her in the future, now you know who she is!

Growth Through Adversity

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

As well as our small kite, all the kitesurfers were out at the beach today — about a dozen of them plus that again on windsurfers were racing across Cherry Beach. There are a lot of amazing things in this world that we take for granted, and the wind is one of my favorites. How many oxen on ropes does it take to budge the oak tree that the wind effortlessly rips from the earth? How static would the world be were it not for the wind? But still, especially in the period of my life I’m going through right now, I think of Winston Churchill’s observation that “kites rise highest against the wind, not with it,” and welcome the wind in my life — as cold and bitter as it may be — that brings much needed change.