Gimme a beet

I love beets. I really do. I love their earthy flavour, I love their colour, I love it all. Today we went down to Buskerfest but there were so many people, and I hate crowds-especially in full sun, that I trickled off and bought a bunch of produce at the St. Lawrence Market. Their market is the best, for real, maybe it’s not all 100km produce, but there’s so much to chose from. I bought a box of golden beets, and we had traditional red ones at home, so I decided to make refrigerator pickled beets, using this recipe.

They tasted pretty good, but seemed to be missing something, so at the last minute, as they were cooling, I added a large pinch of ground cloves (I would have put whole ones in but didn’t have any) and a couple peppercorns.

Seriously, mmm.

Fat beets

Pretty! I am also in the process of making 8-ball zucchini stuffed with quinoa…

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Oooh! What an awesome thing to come home to after a long day at buskerfest!

  2. Shannon Larratt is Zentastic › Toronto Buskerfest Visit Says:

    […] this one, the least flattering picture ever.” And then laughs some more. But she cooked us some great food for our return… As you can see, the day in the sun was a little hard on me, hahaha. I will […]

  3. Famous by proxy. › Queen of the kitties that works on her computer Says:

    […] of the taller one- were out at Buskerfest all day changing the colour of their faces.  I already wrote about making pickled beets, so I won’t repeat that story, but I also made stuffed zucchini […]

  4. Allahkat Says:

    I miss the St. Lawrence Market. I miss it SO much. I used to go down there with my parents all the time.
    We don’t live close enough to Detroit to make a regular trip to the Eastern Market, but I heard it’s amazing too. When I DO go, I will be sure to take pictures and let you know. Just telling you now though, that I will NOT be buying any beets.

  5. coldclimate Says:

    Try wrapping small beets up in tinfoil with a clove of garlic and a good slug of balsamic vinegar (as cheap as you like – its better with good balsamic, but the dirty cheap stuff works well). Bake in the oven for about half an hour and they are amazing – sharp like pickled beetroot, but sweet and prefect with cold meats.

  6. TheWomanMonster Says:

    Mmmm those look tasty.
    Our weekly farmers market here is itty bitty…
    I wouldn’t even know where to start at St. Lawrence.

  7. Victoria Says:

    Grated beets with pizza or quinoa is my beet dish of choice these days. Pickled beets would be pretty bad ass too on either of those. Hmm….

  8. Nicole Says:

    I did up some beets this year too!

    I miss St.Lawrence but I LOVE our organic menonite farmers here. I keep telling people- football sized potatoes, neon orange carrots and yellow wax beans to die for!!!!!!!

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