I started to make a blanket (afghan?) after seeing these pictures. Pretty, huh? I have a rather huge collection of yarn and decided to go with what I have instead of going out and spending loads of money. I tend to like bright colours, as you can see, and I have a feeling this blanket will eventually be pretty crazy.

To explain the pattern: I have 11 colours picked out, and will do 10 as centres, then split them into 10 separate bags and do a round of each other colour, and so on and so on. Somehow this makes sense in my head, but sounds completely wrong typed out. Anyway, do this twice, end up with a lot of hexagons, figure out a way to attach them together=blanket. The main problem is my lack of ability to stick with a large project. I honestly can’t even remember what size hook I started with!


You can see my colour swatch in the middle, although it’s incomplete. I am adding the navy blue, dark purple (instead of white) and red.


Why oh why didn’t I write down the hook size?? GAH! Maybe I need to go back to the drawing board…

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  1. treyci Says:

    you can actually figure out the hook size by taking any hooks you have, using the blunt end, insert them into the sitches you’ve already made, see which one fits best. it’s not a fail proof solution but it does help. i’ve been in the same situation before and tested it out by doing that, and i either picked the right hook or else i got it close enough that you couldn’t tell. my cousin, who is a much more avid crochet-er than i, has said she’s done the same many times and it usually works out fine.

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I will try it. I do believe it’s between two hooks, so maybe I am not up shit’s creek yet.

  3. emmo Says:

    I know your handwriting and thats not it. Who wrote that out??

  4. Caitlin Says:

    No, that’s mine. It’s getting messier as I get older. Especially the caps, but that’s on purpose so when I am working on a crossword and someone wants to ‘help’ they can’t because it’s illegible.

  5. p7tms Says:


    After reading this entry and how you are coding the colors, it made me think of an idea: if the 4 letters represented musical items(chords maybe? (e/g/b/d/f or whatnot), I wonder what a song would look like using that process. A simple song might take on a whole new representation and characteristic :)

  6. p7tms Says:

    BTW Caitlin,
    Back in the 90’s I used to work with an eye doctor, and he authorized a few of the opticians (I was included) to sign his name when writing out eyeglass prescriptions. After having to write like the doctor soo many times, my writing now looks like a prescription 😛
    On the bright side of it – I think forging my handwriting might be futile since it barely resembles the English language, let alone cursive writing. I compare it to someone dropping a thread on a piece of paper. 😛

  7. TheWomanMonster Says:

    If you haven’t frogged the whole thing yet you’re having better luck than me!
    I can’t crochet to a pattern to save my life, which is the reason my current ‘project’ looks like an overgrown amoeba at this point.


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