DIY Playmobile Prison

On account of the dreaded pirates that have been terrorizing Nefarious’s Playmobile universe, we built a jail cell for the worst offenders. It’s made out of some Fimo, BBQ skewers, and a bunch of silver spray paint (yes, it’s a little blobby). The skewers are exactly the right size to be fit their hands!


5 Responses to “DIY Playmobile Prison”

  1. Susan Says:

    That is so awesome. All he needs now is a tiny tin cup or a harmonica. :-)

  2. Scienkoptic Says:

    When I got Playmobil from my Tante back in the late 70’s I took care of the pirates (actually just the businessmen) with the big magnifying glass I got out of an old Beseler Overhead projector.
    Really much more effective than a jail cell. No recidivism

  3. cirrin Says:

    Nice. He looks right at home.

  4. Jolly Good Says:

    This is a homesteading Weblog? And you are subscribing to the lowest-common-denominator pirate “meme” via mass-manufactured playthings? Hmm.

  5. Capn Awesome Says:

    That’s cool….you haven’t posted anything lately? why not looks like a great blog

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