Blind Leading the Blind (IV)

I added some more layers to this painting to try and give it more depth, and a rainbow because I like them. It’s approaching completion, and probably will only need a couple hours more — click it to zoom in.


5 Responses to “Blind Leading the Blind (IV)”

  1. Susan Says:

    i like the addition of the rainbow.

  2. cirrin Says:

    It’s looking good.

  3. eatyrspleens Says:

    i love your style and i’ve always been curious as to how you go about the process. the layers and the blending of colors and how you tie it all together, etc. i’m not asking for any secrets, but i think it’d be interesting to watch you in the process sometime.

    anyway, good job!

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Dio! heh

  5. Lisa Olai Says:

    I just popped in to say that I love your work. I paint a lot myself and a member on this swedish community said that my work resembles yours; so I had to look it up. It really does! (
    Only that you’re like a thousand times better than me, but you’ve really given me loads of more inspiration :)
    Have a good evening!
    Kind regards, Lisa

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