Ocean Storm – Finished

I finished “Ocean Storm”, drawn by Nefarious and painted by me. It’s a very wavy ocean, and in the sky is a band of stars and the sun and moon. A rocket is blasting off, en route to the space station. In the sky is also a “princess angel” as well as a singing bird, and a butterfly carrying two flowers. In the ocean is a sailboat with a star on the sail being captained by the world’s tallest snowman, with evil Ursula and the Little Mermaid swimming nearby as a shark jumps over them. Anyway, you can click it to zoom in.


8 Responses to “Ocean Storm – Finished”

  1. Toser Says:

    i like the rocket-ship.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh man. World’s tallest snowman made my day.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    😀 It is super terrific.

  4. Rhiannon Says:

    This is fantastic… at 19, I could not doing anything nearly this impressive. Proof that artistic talent runs in the genes…

  5. estrojenn Says:

    *love* this painting!!!

  6. tediousreverie Says:

    Nefarious is such a lucky child to have such an involved parent. Someone so willing to collaborate and support her art at such a young age. Very cute picture.

  7. Candice Says:

    This kicks Disney’s butt any day.

    The finished product is gorgeous. You both did a really great job.

  8. Shannon Larratt is Zentastic › Crash!!! Says:

    […] missed unfortunately), but we had fun doing lots of other things today, including finishing off the “Ocean Storm” painting (click that link for a better […]

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