Two more to go…

My eyes are so going to fall out of their head! Continued work on my I know an old lady who swallowed a fly nesting dolls — from left to right (click to zoom), the spider, the bird, the cat, the dog, the goat, the cow, the horse… and… she’s dead, of course! I may get ambitious and try and finish the painting tomorrow and then give them a nice topcoat to seal and protect them.


They really look a lot better in person I think… I haven’t decided yet if these are going to be for sale…

12 Responses to “Two more to go…”

  1. britt Says:

    AW!! Those are really cool!!

  2. Wldfire_1 Says:

    Thats pretty darn kewl! I think i should get some blanks and do it with my youngest. He would probally want game characters or cartoons or something. :)

  3. Allahkat Says:

    I was wondering if you actually had a link to where you got the blanks from.

  4. Jordan Meeter Says:

    They look really nice! I love the cartoonish look of the dog. 😀

  5. wintersky Says:

    haha those are fantastic.. I bought a set myself a few weeks ago (try ebay Allahkat), going to make them into penguins for my boyfriend =D don’t think they’ll look as good as yours though

  6. Allahkat Says:

    wintersky: Hey, thanks.

  7. Karin Says:

    I love them! However, they seem backwards to me… Shouldn’t the spider be the smallest one, and inside all the other animals?

  8. Shannon Says:

    Karin – Yes and no… No because if you’re going to use the characters to tell the story, you can do it by taking it apart layer by layer if it’s done this way.

  9. Karin Says:

    I know, the song’s not particularly condusive to having the horse largest inside the old lady, and the fly the smallest. Its just a really big fly, and a really little horse. :) And I in no way meant to sound critical, I do like them.

  10. Twwly Says:

    If you made more, I’d buy a set for Bob!

  11. hitonihi' Says:

    So cute!

  12. TheWomanMonster Says:

    They look awesome Shannon.
    Nice work as always.

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