It runs in the family

I can’t actually take credit for this painting, as it’s done by my daughter (age 4 1/2). It’s called “First Snowfall”, done with marker and tempera paint on a 24″x36″ canvas (I helped with the finish painting part but other than that it’s totally her creation from concept to execution). It’s a duck, a spider, a muscular bird-beaked man with bat-wing hands about to sit down on a chair, a “bat cat” sitting on his knee, and a couple of butterflies all caught up in a snowstorm.


We’d actually planned to go to Riverdale Farm today (which we did do), but on the walk back to the car we passed the necropolis and read the gravestones, and actually took about a two hour detour through the graveyard (and insists on returning tomorrow — future zombie hunter?). She’s at a wonderful age where rambling storytelling that’s 75% fact and 25% fantasy is what it’s all about. Because PlanetSpace is talking about building the first Canadian spaceport near our homestead on Cape Breton Island — which I’m very excited about — we spent some of our after-supper time drawing rockets and watching videos on YouTube of shuttle launches, space walks, and moon missions… The funny thing is that all of the space things that I was convinced I’d experience as an adult are now the things I’m convinced she’ll experience… I hope my predictions are more accurate now than when I was a child.


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  1. Sara Says:

    Haha, that painting is awesome! Very Dali-esque. A real live bat cat would certainly freak the hell out of me.

  2. estrojenn Says:


  3. magsman Says:

    I am fortunate to spend most of my mornings with a 4 1/2 year old. He regales me with long rambling stories about Dracula, swamp rats, lava monsters etc. A great time, precious stuff.

  4. Elizabeth Says:


  5. Wldfire_1 Says:

    WOW! For someone so young she has such great tallent! Your a super dad also for doing so many things with her and experencing her to so many different things!!

  6. Carley Says:

    Hi – I have just started reading your blog since the BME nasties began. I myself am “homesteading” in a small cabin in the woods just outside of Churchill, Manitoba.
    The reason I decided to comment today was that I work at a site that used to launch research rockets and was at one point in the late eighties and early nineties going to be “Canada’s First Canadian Spaceport”. The plan was to launch media satellites and turn Churchill into the Aerospace hub of Canada. The entire venture flopped harder than the mono-rail in that Simpson’s Episode. The rocket launching facilities are still standing here in Churchill but are fairly derelict (4 launchers and a series of outbuildings) and is now the site of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre; a scientific research facility. I will be interested to see if Cape Breton pulls it off – because even with the facilities already existing, Akjuit Aerospace never made it work out here.

  7. Keppy Says:

    I love cemeteries, too. Always have, for as long as I can remember… When I was little my mom and I used to stop along the road at old cemeteries and walk around looking at stones and cleaning up a bit. Now I’m obsessed w/ genealogy so I have a reason to play in cemeteries hehe.

  8. Cari Says:

    I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to enjoy painting and stuff. Her idea of fun at the moment is throwing things on the floor, picking them back up, taking them across the room, and throwing them on the floor again.
    Sooooon, she will have fun doing more things that I can enjoy with her. She’s showing more interest in books and things, I can’t wait to be able to enjoy painting and other similar things with her!

  9. Jennifer/BestestFiend Says:

    I showed my 4 year-old daughter(she’s almost 5 actually) your daughter’s painting and she said it was “great and beautiful”.

    My daughter tells me stories about the “smiley faces”…she has made up about 10 regular characters and today she was telling me about picking blueberries with with smiley faces, and that was the apparent reason for her face being covered in blue marker.

  10. Scienkoptic Says:

    I once saw this 20/20 or 60 minutes piece on a child prodigy painter.
    The interesting thing was that this child was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for her paintings.

    The Reporter installed hidden cameras and found that the ambitious father was composing a finishing the artwork his child was doing

    Turned out the whole thing was a fraud.

  11. Shannon Larratt is Zentastic › Cemetaries and Chickens Says:

    […] is on the way there so when Nefarious saw that she insisted we all stop and walk through it (just like last time) which was a really nice diversion. She has a real fascination with cemetaries and the zillion […]

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